Our Classes


55 minutes of full body dynamic pilates done on our slightly modified Reformer Pilate machine. It looks like torture and we’re not going lie, there’s a certain element of torture involved but it’s delivered in a safe environment with fully qualified trainers taking you through the whole session. You will be in a small group training on the reformer so you will be sure you get hands on assistance throughout your session. In these classes you will be introduced to muscles you didn’t know you had. You will leave these sessions with endorphins flowing through your body begging for more.

Beginner Classes: During the class you will be orientated to the reformer machine and how it works in a fun and safe environment. Beginner classes focus on introducing certain exercise techniques specifically aimed at isolating muscle groups and working them correctly, while triggering core and stabilizing muscles until this becomes a natural process.

Intermediate Classes: So you know the machine, you’re confident using it, you speak the lingo and have noticed the physical improvements. Now it’s time to up the anti. A definite step up from the beginner class, Intermediate is much higher in intensity and challenging in all aspects.

Over 65 ‘Gold Members’: These classes accommodate our ‘seasoned elite’ clientele or those recovering from injury, illness or wanting a stepping stone into the general classes. They are carefully designed to increase strength and mobility of all joints and muscles with a lower level of intensity. During these 55 minute classes you will be carefully guided through a challenging but achievable range of exercises and doted on by one of our specialised trainers.

Pre + Postnatal

Our pre and postnatal reformer classes are specifically designed to incorporate safe yet challenging exercises for our clients who are pregnant or are returning to exercise after the birth of their baby. The workouts are focused on strengthening muscle groups to combat changes in the female body both before and after birth to help make the journey more enjoyable, manageable and functional.  

Cardiolates / HIIT

Cardiolates/HIIT is the perfect combination of intense calorie burning cardio combining the latest high tech spin bikes and a variety of equipment from our specially designed reformer to kettle bells/TRX suspension training/bodyweight exercising. 

Cardiolates/HIIT is ideal for those wanting to sculpt, lose weight and increase cardiovascular endurance all in one specifically designed session. It is all high intensity but low impact, eliminating jarring and pressure on joints and risk of injury.

These 55 minute classes provide a variety of physically and mentally challenging exercises which will push you beyond your comfort zone and have you longing for the nearest exit. You’ll never know what to expect in these classes.

Personal Training

These sessions are designed for your personal goals. Be it a fitness, rehabilitation or sport specific goal we will design the session to meet your needs.

These sessions can combine a number of different equipment approaches depending on your required outcome. Some people prefer to have a 1:1 session prior to joining a class to introduce them to the Reformer, while this is not essential it is recommended if you have been out of exercise for a period of time or have specific rehabilitation or injury needs.

Personal Training sessions at Reform will give you the best level of TLC and instructing on the reformer by our highly experienced trainers. Choose from our Qualified Master Trainers or Senior Trainers for your personal training needs