Certified Training

Reform Fitness and Dynamic Reformer Pilates offers REPs-accredited courses to Pilates instructors (current and new), Physiotherapists, Fitness, Exercise and Rehabilitation Professionals.

A Reform Dynamic Reformer Pilates Qualification is a powerful addition to the repertoire of treatment and teaching tools for all Rehabilitation, Fitness & Exercise Professionals who understand the importance of the quality of movement.

Established in 2011, Reform has trained numerous health and fitness professionals to use the Pilates Reformer machine and help their clients, students and selves to move better.  We have delivered classes for nearly a decade continuing to develop our brand and our personal Reformer repertoire.

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Why learn with Reform?

Reform has been at the fore of delivering Dynamic Reformer Pilates in NZ for almost a decade and we have continued the progression and development since opening the first flagship studio in Mount Maunganui.

Creating a point of difference in the fitness industry can be difficult. Total reinvention of the wheel is needed sometimes, which is what we essentially did with the Reformer to create a less traditional, more dynamic and body enhancing exercise method.  These courses will provide an in-depth knowledge of the Reform Training Manual in an active studio setting, recognising a different perspective of learning and using the Reformer machine, other than more traditional approaches. Internationally recognised by REPs NZ, graduates will have the ability to go onto forge a successful career in the fitness industry, here and abroad.

We aim to provide an education and knowledge base for one to mould into their own method of practice, instead of formatting more rigid sequences and practices that must be delivered in a specific manner.

The structured courses will be taught by Reform Master Trainers Lane and Jane Gibson. Both are degree level trainers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fitness industry and have been a part of the Reform brand since the start.

Recognised Qualifications

All our training is endorsed by REPS NZ and qualifies as REPS CPD points. Reform graduates will be able to travel abroad with an internationally recognised Reformer education.  Reform is one of the limited courses that provides REPS accreditation, delivering an alternative approach to the Reformer Machine.

"Jane and Lane were excellent facilitators who did a great job of making the course engaging and gave us plenty of time to ask questions and share their knowledge...I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to develop their skills and knowledge in dynamic Reformer pilates"
Reform Christchurch Owner
"Reform Module One course was action-packed, challenging, effective, and a hell of a lot of fun...there is absolutely no other outfit than Reform that I would have chosen to take my passion for reformer pilates to the next level"
Trainer Newmarket/Parnell

Training Modules:

Module 1 – Dynamic Reformer Course

In this module, one will gain an introduction to the Pilates Reformer Machine and learn how to use it.  This 30-hour course will give you access to Reform’s in-depth training manual and the necessary tools and knowledge to become an instructor.  At the completion of this course you will have gained a magnitude of fundamental reformer exercises, the ability to take a beginner class, 1:1 client centred sessions, and the ability to use the reformer as a rehabilitation tool for some common injuries.  This course is internationally recognised REPs accredited and carries 18.75 CPD points. You do not need any experience on the Reformer Machine to qualify for this course.

Course Outline:

This 30-hour in-studio course comprises:

∙ 4 practical training days

∙ Multiple choice theory exam

∙ 1 practical teaching assessment

Learning Outcomes:

Through successful completion of this course graduates will:

  • Have the ability to maximise the potential of the Reformer Pilates machine to provide clients with high quality movement experiences, in both classes and one to one settings.
  • Gain knowledge on how to safely navigate a client around the reformer
  • Obtain a Reform Training Manual paper copy, loaded with a magnitude of exercises including – mobility, core/abdominal, lower and upper body movements and how to accommodate varied client abilities.
  • Understand the ‘sequencing’ of exercises and how they flow together to deliver a class.
  • Exercise and Reformer-spring regressions and progressions to achieve accessibility to all client levels
  • Learn the use of verbal, visual and kinaesthetic cues and how to use them while teaching a class.


Module 2 is an advanced reformer course aimed at experienced practitioners and qualified Pilates trainers.  This module is also a follow on from Reform’s Module 1 training course and is highly recommended that Module 1 be completed before moving onto Module 2.  This 15hr course (Sat and Sun) will add another dimension to an instructors repertoire, advanced Reformer exercise developed by Reform and designed to push the boundaries of not only your own knowledge on the reformer but that of your clients experiences as well.

Course Outline

This 15-hour in-studio course comprisies:

• 2 practical training days

• 1 practical teaching assessment

Learning Outcomes

Completing Module 2 you will gain:

•  Increased knowledge base of advanced repertoire of Reformer pilates exercises designed and developed by Reform.

• Reinvigorate your teachings and provide your clients with fresh variations to challenge body and mind.

• How to provide safe progressions and regressions on these advanced exercises via spring manipulation, stability and intensity.

• Obtain the Reform Module 2 Manual paper copy, loaded with a magnitude of exercises including – mobility, core/abdominal, lower and upper body movements and how to accommodate varied client abilities.

• Learn the use of verbal, visual and kinaesthetic cues and how to use them while teaching a class.


Course Dates and Venues

Mt Maunganui

Reformer Module One: April 15th-18th 2021

Pregnancy Reformer Module: February 13th 2021

Reformer Module Two: October 15th-17th 2021


Reformer Module One: November 17th-20th 2021

Pregnancy Reformer Module: November 21st 2021


Reformer Module One: March 18th-21st 2021

June 17th-20th 2021

September 9th-12th 2021

Reformer Module Two: May 7th-9th 2021

Pregnancy Reformer Module:  May 29th 2021


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