Reform is a Dynamic Reformer based studio blending together traditional pilates methods with resistance based strength training using the Reformer Pilates Machine. Our fast paced, high energy sessions are designed to target key muscle groups and weak postural muscles.

Come early.  Please arrive 10 minutes before your class starts to meet us, fill out some paper work and familiarise yourself with the Reformer. Wear comfortable exercise clothing, and bring a towel and drink bottle. Water is provided at the studio, and there is no need for shoes (unless you are doing a cardio class).  Barefeet or socks are fine.

We advise all newbies to attend a beginners class first. These classes are challenging in there own right so familiarising yourself with the reformer, understanding the method and technical points of the exercise are a must before progressing on to Intermediate classes – which are fast paced and more challenging.

Our Reformer classes range from 9-12 people per class.

If you are a total newbie and have been inactive for a while, then yes, a 1:1 Personal Training session is a good starting point. We want to see how your body moves, and provide support while you get use to the reformer and method of training. Once your confidence is up, then you can merge into the class environment.  Otherwise, it’s OK to book into the normal class schedule and appropriate level.

We offer a clean, beautifully designed training environment. Our studios have bathroom/changing room facilities with Parnell, Victoria Park, Takapuna and Christchurch studios having showers facilities. Water stations are provided but please bring your own towel as the studios have a limited inventory.

This depends on what injury you have and stage of rehabilitation. Generally you want to seek medical advice and clearance before exercising with us. Starting with a Private 1:1 session is recommended when recovering from injury.  We can then assess if you will be ready for the class environment and provide adaptations to exercises if required.  If you do have an injury, or are recovering from one, it is advised that you speak to one of our trainers prior to your class.

Reform Classes

This depends on your fitness goals, what fitness level you are, how fast your body adapts and recovers from Reform’s dynamic exercise approach. We recommend attending no more than 2 classes a week for the first few weeks, and increase it from there. Ideally 3-4 classes per week will enable you to see the best results.

Just once, that’s why its an Intro offer. Our 3 x classes for $30 have a 2 week expiry which is activated from the date of your first booking.  Our $20 Intro offer has a 1 month expiry date from purchase.

No. Sessions are non transferable and must be used at the studio you purchased them from.

Generally 3-5 Beginner classes will give you a good feel for how muscles groups are worked, intensity and the stability required to make it through a class. If you feel like you need an extra challenge then stepping up to an Intermediate class is the next step.  Alternatively you can ask one of our trainers at Reform if you’re ready to go up to the next level.

No sorry.  We do not allow suspensions or extensions of our Introductory Offer (2 weeks) Weekly Memberships (7 days) Monthly Memberships (30 days) unless you are injured or unforseen circumstances occur. Please be aware when purchasing our Introductory Offer, Weekly Memberships or Monthly Memberships that you will be required to use your block of classes within 2 Weeks, 7 days or 1 month (30 days) respectively. Any unused sessions will expire and cannot be renewed.

We definitely do, we offer both 1:1 and 2:1 sessions tailored specifically to your needs. Email your nearest studio to book your appointment.


Download the MBO app on our website/from the App Store or book through our website www.reformfitness.co.nz select the studio you are after and follow the links.  Some time slots are popular so booking in advance is recommended to secure your spot.

We do need a minimum of 2 people to run the class.  While it is very rare, classes with less than 2 people will be cancelled 2 hours prior to the start time of the class if there are less than 2 people booked in.  Your class will be credited back onto your account.

Our Cancellation Policy states you have up to 12 hours before your class starts to cancel out with no charge.  As long as you cancel within the cancellation policy, your class will be automatically credited onto your account.

You sure can, but you will need to purchase separate classes or passes for each studio. To do so, you’ll need to create a new account for each studio. Classes/passes purchased with one studio cannot be used at or transferred to another studio.

Yes we do. Click on the class you would like to book, then add yourself to the waitlist. You will be notified via email if space becomes available in that class. More often than not, you’ll get lucky so use the waitlist.

We understand the need to be flexible, so we have a 12 hour cancellation policy across our big city studios (Auckland) and a 6 hour cancellation policy in the smaller centers. If you can’t make a class, it is your responsibility to cancel or let us know at least 12 hours prior to your class to ensure other Reform clients don’t miss out.  If you late cancel or no show you will be charged for this class if we have been unable to fill it.  We need to be strict and fair to all clients (and ourselves).

Pre/Post Natal Clients

You sure can.  Our pre and post natal clients still have the ability to exercise at Reform in a safe and supported environment.  We have worked with Obstetricians/Midwives to develop strict Pregnancy protocols that must be followed when progressing into the 2nd trimester and postnatal if returning soon after birth.  This is to keep you supported and safe as the body changes. You are still free to exercise in the Beginners or Intermediate classes, and you are still able to work with intensity.  It is hugely important to remain active during pregnancy.

We ask that you wait until at least 6 weeks after you have given birth.  If you want to come back earlier, we request clearance from your medical practitioner.  If you birthed via C-section a 12 week wait is required prior to returning to Reform classes.  We are trained to work alongside Physiotherapists and Obstetricians if there are any post-natal issues.

Yes we do. All studios try and maintain a specific pre/post natal class for Mums and Bubs in our class schedules.

Corporate Classes

Fancy a team bonding experience that covers exercise too?   Reform can cater to all corporate groups and levels of fitness.  Email us to discuss our corporate rates.