Far from being a silent killer, we actively encourage you to fall into one.

Your training and nutrition routine. It should be as an integral part in your weekly ritual as washing your hair, cleaning your teeth or doing the housework. The very routine that often serves you well for a week or month or two then kind of disappears (particularly during winter)? Routine is good for you, particularly when attempting to start, restart or sustain a regular training regime. Every day, we carry out numerous tasks that, with time and repetition, become routines, sometimes while navigating different external conditions or situations. The process of managing our actions under varying conditions is called self-regulation (SR).

SR plays an important role in developing healthy habits such as engaging in physical activity. We are more likely to adhere to an exercise program if we engage in self-regulation.

Self-regulation strategies help us manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviors before and during an exercise session to maintain motivation and elevate performance, a process called voluntary action management. With time and practice, self-regulation strategies become automatic. Most SR programmes, particularly in relation to exercise, consist of three components: mental, motivational and behavioral.

As always, we are not trying to get to happy-clappy and airy-fairy with you. However, the takeaway points from this are TIME and PRACTICE. Spend the time, make the effort and establish your exercise routine.

We are here to help you.