Reform Franchise FAQs

What is a Reform franchise?

This is ownership of an independent Reform studio.  The badge states ‘Boss’.  But, with that, comes full support from the Reform Management Team, so you’re never flying solo and always have someone to assist with decisions, day to day running, studio and client inquiries. Full training of studio operation and administration is provided, alongside the comprehensive Dynamic Reformer Pilates training. 

Who is an ideal Reform studio owner?

If you relied on Instagram, owning a studio would look like a glamorous hobby.  It’s not!  It’s hard work, fun, exhausting and exciting. Experience in the health and fitness industry is helpful, but it’s not essential as we provide full training. However, you do need to be motivated, enthusiastic and willing to engage in fun, but hard work.

Once set up, the studio-life can offer you flexibility to fit in around family commitments or provide a more full time position if that’s your preference. 

Who provides the support to franchisees?

All support is provided by Reform founders, Jane and Lane Gibson, who have created and refined all of Reform’s systems and processes. Jane and Lane own and operate the original Reform location in Mount Maunganui and also lead the Reform business nationwide, providing personal support to all studio owners.

Can I select my own location?

Yes, we encourage all interested parties to suggest locations in their area. Reform will also assist in providing demographic insights when selecting suitable premises. 

How much does it cost to set up a Reform franchise?

We’ve built a low cost model in order to minimise risk for our studio owners as much as possible. An approximate amount to set up an 8 reformer studio is around $150k.  However, the actual costs depend on how many reformers are purchased, fit out costs, location and general inflation.

Do I need to work in my Reform studio?

While it’s not essential, we do recommend that studio owners physically teach classes and have an active role in the studio. Once set up, the business model can offer you flexibility to fit around family or other commitments. Alternatively, being a studio owner can provide a more full time position if that’s what you’re after. 

What makes Reform different?

Reform is part of the worldwide Dynamic Reformer movement, one of most effective results-driven forms of exercise on the planet. The Reform brand is recognised throughout New Zealand and has become synonymous with high quality studios, incredible instructors and killer dynamic reformer classes. 

Every client receives the same exceptional experience when they visit a Reform studio which is how we’ve achieved our prolonged success in what can be a fickle industry.


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