run your own reformer pilates STUDIO

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What is a Reform Franchise?

This is ownership of an independent Reform studio.  The badge states ‘Boss’.  But, with that, comes full support from the Reform Management Team, so you’re never flying solo and always have someone to assist with decisions, day to day running, studio and client inquiries.  Full training of studio operation and administration is provided, alongside the comprehensive dynamic reformer pilate training.  This includes access to all of our Reform Module Trainings, class plans, weekly training advice, daily communication and onsite visits.

Who would fit the criteria for becoming a Reform studio owner?

If one relied on Instagram, owning a studio would look like a glamorous hobby.  It’s not.  It’s hard work, fun, exhausting, and exciting.  Experience in the health and fitness industry is helpful, but it’s not essential as we  provide full training.  One needs to be motivated, enthusiastic and willing to engage in fun, but hard work. 


Once set up, the studio-life can offer a studio-owner flexibility to fit in around family commitments (kids) or provide a more full time position for those wanting it.  We assist with staffing, recruitment, and the training of staff in order to achieve that chosen balance.  While it’s not essential, we do recommend that those who embark on studio ownership do physically teach classes and clients and have an active role in the studio.


The franchise model works if you want to open a reformer pilates studio and minimize the risk.  Reform currently has 7 studios in New Zealand, all operating under the Reform method.  We have over 10 years of industry experience and are here to share it.  Our brand is recognised throughout New Zealand and clients know what to expect under the brand which is how we have achieved our prolonged success, in a rather fickle industry.

What initial assistance is provided?

We help with the entire process, from sourcing space, negotiating leases, assisting with fitout concepts, ordering equipment and everything involved in the physical set up of a studio.  We then engage in the training process which involves attending our Module 1 Training and our Pregnancy Module as well as our in studio Injury Module.  One will then engage in the ‘studio integration’ process at one of our existing studios which is where we refine all of the learning and disclose all of our trade secrets, providing the intel as to how to make your studio ‘Reform’ specific.  This will eventuate into taking classes under our supervision until you’re ready to fly solo.

In the background, we work on marketing the studio, sourcing and training staff, planning opening events, PR engagements, writing the timetable, building the website page, learning the online processes and creating a hype so that come opening day, it’s a party.

What ongoing assistance is provided?

Once the studio is up and running, each studio owner has unlimited access to email, phone calls, zoom meetings when necessary.  We continue ongoing quality control to ensure the studio is maintained to Reform standards and classes are delivered under our method to ensure success.  Each studio has at least one site visit per year from the Reform Management Team to assist with onsite development and learning.  Ongoing access to class plans, exercises and developments are part of the franchise package, as well as ongoing staff management assistance.

What does it Cost?

We try to keep costs down as much as possible to minimise risk.  An average amount, to set up an 8 reformer studio, is around $150k.  However, there is some movement in this price depending on how many reformers are purchased, fit out costs and general inflation.

Can I select my own location?

Yes, we encourage all interested parties to suggest locations in their area. Reform will also assist in providing demographic intel when selecting suitable premises. (You guys are adding some graphics in to display territories) 

t before progressing on to Intermediate classes – which are fast paced and more challenging.

Existing Franchises

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Existing Franchises