Lane Gibson

Lane spent two years in London working for London’s most prestigious and recognized dynamic pilate studio, where he was one of the most experienced and respected trainers.

He has trained the likes of Jemima Khan and Trinny Woodall, and has put a few of the All Blacks through their paces here at the studio.

Lane is one of the only males trained to deliver this type of exercise and this level in NZ and he will show the male population that pilates is not for the light hearted. He has worked to develop the Reform Academy and is one half of the team to create Reform Fitness and Rehabilitation.

Lane holds a degree in Physical Education majoring in exercise prescription from Otago University and has been trained through the rigorous Tenpilates Academy; he is REP trained in indoor cycling and has a wealth of knowledge in the field of exercise and fitness.

Not shy of exercise himself, Lane has played representative rugby in New Zealand and overseas. Lane has played professional rugby overseas before returning home to his New Zealand roots.

He brings a wealth of experience for all levels and will guarantee a challenge every session.