Why aren’t I sore after training?!


We get asked about this often. When you train against or with some type of resistance (in the case of Reformer Pilates, springs, your bodyweight & dumbbells) micro- trauma is cause in your muscle fibres at a cellular, chemical level. This basically means your fibres are damaged by the exercise. As your body craves the easy life (homeostasis) it will repair the damage and restore your fibres to a stronger state than they were inoriginally in the vain hope to prevent further damage. You will possibly be sore in the 36-48 hours afterwards; This is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). The whole process repeats itself every time you train. This is why we make your workouts tougher: if it stays the same, so will your progress.

You might wonder why the soreness lessens despite the fact you are training harder. Time for some facts;*

– There is no scientific evidence that having DOMS creates more lean tissue gains
– Genetics, as always play a significant role. Some people will be predisposed to feel more sore than others.
– Evidence suggests that some muscles (glutes, hips) are more sensitive to DOMS than others hence the reason you sometimes feel it more in some areas than others.

SO, DO NOT WORRY THAT YOU ARE NOT TRAINING HARD ENOUGH IF YOU DON’T EXPERIENCE PAIN & DISCOMFORT AFTER TRAINING. It does mean you are training with any less intensity. Common, proven remedies for DOMS include green tea (or coffee), blueberry & melon juices and menthol based creams rubbed into the muscle.

*Source: Charles Poliquin (www.poliquingroup.com)